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The consequence of multiple periods of calorie restriction followed by refeeding, that is, intermittent calorie restriction, has been less well studied. However, several previous studies indicated a postul cu apa pareri effect on prevention of spontaneous tumors 77, Further, we have consistently found that intermittent restriction prevents and delays mammary tumor development to a postul cu apa pareri extent compared with chronic calorie restriction matched for the same nutrient and calorie intake in two transgenic mouse strains 60—62, Interestingly, it has been reported that women with a history of anorexia nervosa and presumably having bouts of calorie restriction followed by refeeding had a reduced incidence of breast cancer CR reduces experimentally induced tumors of skin 2 and mammary tissue 2 and also decreases tumor burden, while prolonging tumor latency in genetically altered mice 3.

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Epidemiological trials in humans demonstrate an association between limited calorie intake and reduced incidence of breast and colon cancer 14. Edited by malicious earn, 29 June -

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